Vinyl Cut Graphics

Vinyl material comes in 2 different types. Cast vinyls and Calendered vinyls. The terms cast & calendered refer to the way the two types of vinyl are manufactured.

Cast vinyls are higher quality vinyls due to the method of manufacturing. The manufacturer guarantees cast vinyls against fading, shrinking, cracking and peeling for up to nine years. These vinyls are used where outdoor durability is important.

There is also a cast translucent vinyl. Translucent vinyls are used on signs that are backlit by fluorescent lights so that the colours remain vibrant at night.

Calendered vinyls are guaranteed by the manufacture for three to five years in outdoor applications. These vinyls may be used outdoors where long-term vinyl graphics are not required. The vinyl will last forever when used indoors.

For price comparison, cast vinyls are approximately three times the price per square foot higher than calendered vinyl.

Large Format Full Colour Digital Printing

There is a wide range of vinyl that is used to print full colour graphics which are specially manufactured to be used with an eco-solvent based inkjet printer. While the vinyl offers excellent bold, color reproduction and quality, the solvent ink formulation resists sunlight fading. Ultra-violet lamination is also available for added durability.

This vinyl is great for indoor and medium-term outdoor durable applications (three to five years). Typically, graphics are printed onto the vinyl then applied to any of the materials described in the “Sign Substrates” section below. They can also be printed onto something as simple as photographic grade poster paper.

Rolls come in 54” widths. Digitally printed vinyl can be over laminated to protect from abrasion, if required.

Some typical uses include: • promotional signs • posters • displays • billboards • sandwich boards • decals & stickers • fascia signs

Sign Substrates

Popular substrates or backing materials we use include: • aluminum • banners • coroplast • crezon • polycarbonate • acrylic • magnetic • PVC • styrene


Aluminum is extremely durable and will last for many years in outdoor conditions. Signs can be made with or without rounded corners or holes. It is also available in different thicknesses ranging from 18 ga. (.040” th.) to 12 ga. (.080” th.).

With this substrate, we primarily use nine year premium vinyl for text and graphics. Aluminum can also be screen-printed.

Some typical uses include: • regulation signs • street signs • outdoor directional signs


Most of the banners are custom-cut with hems, grommets and/or ropes. A 13 oz. vinyl-coated banner with polyester weave for strength is best used for outdoors, but can also be used indoors. Both three to five year and nine year vinyl can be applied to the banners. Banners can also be screen-printed and digitally printed. Standard banner heights are 22”, 34”, 46” & 70”. Banners can be made any length.

Some typical uses include: • tradeshow displays • temporary outdoor sign attached to building • street banner


Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material similar in appearance to corrugated cardboard. This is the least expensive substrate material and is ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor signs. Three to five year and nine year premium vinyl can be applied.

Coroplast can also be screen-printed. Due to its light weight, it is ideal for hanging from the ceiling or in a window with suction cups. Coroplast is available in three different thicknesses: 3/16”, ¼” and 3/8”. There is a wide range of colours for the 3/16” thickness, but not as many colours available for the other sizes. The sheet sizes range from 4’ x 8’ to 5’ x 10’ (depending on thickness).

Some typical uses include: • real estate signs • election signs • tradeshow displays • a-frames


Crezon is a multi-laminated marine plywood designed for outdoor applications. Three to five year and nine year premium vinyl may be applied. Crezon may also be painted with enamel paint (such as 1 Shot). An edge trim may be applied to the edges around the perimeter for additional weather protection.

It is available Good 1 Side and Good 2 Sides in thicknesses of ½” and ¾” thick. Sheet sizes are 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’.

Some typical uses include: • larger real estate signs • site signs • company identification signs

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